Typical delegate Project Management activities

ACURIAS DMCC and Impala Sarl are involved since many years in the local content development, the technology transfer and the sustainable development. Since 2010, The ACURIAS group has promoted and supported the construction of water pipelines and water treatment in Madagascar, together with Solidago, an association which is composed of ESTP ( Ecole Speciale des Travaux Publics ) and The Medicine University in Paris.

The project was composed of a water collector at the spring site and the construction of a water pipeline from spring to the village of Ankisatra in the centre of Madagascar.

The water was distributed to the population by 4 fountains in the village. This constitutes the first access of the population to potable water. The population of the village has been trained for maintenance of the installation. In parallel students in medicine were involved in the set up of Malaria and HIV control programs.

The works, perform in particularly harsh environment, has started beginning of June 2010. ACURIAS and Impala group are already committed to participate to challenging sustainable development programs.



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